About SRMA

SRMA was formed in 1979, when a group of Denver-area archivists founded the Society of Colorado Archivists. In 1992, Wyoming archival professionals requested membership in the Society and with this inclusion, the name changed to reflect members’ locations throughout the Rocky Mountain area. In 2004, the Society merged with the Colorado Preservation Alliance to further common interests.


SRMA sounds like the best group ever! How do I join?
Please contact our Membership Chair, if you are interested in becoming a SRMA member. You can also check out our Membership page and fill out the membership form.

If I have a great idea for programs or conferences, who should I talk to?
Please contact our Program Chair, if you have suggestions or comments about past or future conferences or programs.

I have archival issues and would love to share them with other SRMA members! How can I do this?
SRMA has a Yahoo! Group where you can post issues, concerns, comments and photos. It is a great way to stay in touch with other members and know what is going on in the archival worlds of Colorado and Wyoming. Please contact our Program Chair to sign up.