2009 October Board Minutes

Minutes of the Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists Board Meeting
Held Monday, October 19, 2009, 1:30 p.m.
Conference Room, Colorado Historical Society, Denver, Colorado


The meeting was called to order at 1:40 p.m. by President Linda Meyer.  Board members attending in person included Shaun Boyd, Annette Gray, Karen Jones, Ms. Meyer, and Cecily North-Carnahan.  Lesley Drayton, Shaun Hayes, Cliff Hight, Kay Lowell, and Jessica Velie tuned in via telephone.  Shannon Bowen-Maier, Rebecca Lintz, and Jay Trask were absent.

July 20, 2009 board minutes

Regarding the minutes of July 20, Ms. Drayton moved to approve, Ms. Lowell seconded, and the minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s report

Ms. Lowell reported that the SRMA checking account balance is $17,397.36, while the Money Market savings account maintains a balance of $10,114.04.  These totals do not include all of the revenue or expenditures of the recent SRMA fall meeting.  Ms. Lowell also asked that users of the SRMA debit card make sure to send her an email when they make purchases so she can keep her records up to date.

Comments on Fall Conference

Ms. Drayton thought the fall conference went well, and many board members liked what they learned.  Feedback from attendees was generally positive, and Ms. Meyer thanked Ms. Drayton and Mr. Hayes for their efforts.

Planning for 2010 Spring Conference

The details for the spring conference will be outlined in the next month or so.  Mr. Hayes suggested the topic of preservation, which would allow niche topics on moving images, photographs, and other materials.  Another topic that has been discussed in the past is oral history, and it came up again.  Dates and locations were discussed, and the meeting likely will occur in May.  Those planning the meeting will look at SRMA members and other organizations for presenters and trainers.

Western Roundup update

Ms. Drayton didn’t have much of an update since most communication has already occurred on the SRMA Yahoo! group and other avenues.  Ideas arose concerning scholarships to increase the number of members who can attend.

Scholarships for Western Roundup

Ms. Meyer led the discussion regarding funding additional scholarships to the Western Roundup.  Many on the board liked the $1,000 option for four people rather than $500 for eight people.  Changing this would require a change in the scholarship policy.  The scholarship committee will use the website forum to propose the policy change, which the board then can approve.

Upcoming SAA workshops/SRMA funding

Ms. North-Carnahan proposed a half-day Flickr workshop in Castle Rock in which she would provide the training.  These measures would make the meeting very low cost, and it would cover the basics of creating a Flickr account and how to maximize the tools available in it.  To gauge the interest of members in this topic, she will put a survey on the website.  Further discussion included when it would occur and how much to allocate for beverages and snacks.  Ms. Jones moved to allow SRMA to reimburse up to $50 per day for refreshments at SRMA-sponsored workshops.  Ms. Drayton seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Ms. Meyer led the discussion on the upcoming archives consulting webinar.  She noted that Nancy Freeman in Ft. Collins wanted to be one of the five hosts for the meeting, which spawned discussions regarding the logistics of past webinars.  Ms. North-Carnahan will again use the website to survey the level of interest of members in the subject.  The results will help the board decide if SRMA should cover the registration costs of the webinar.

Finally, Ms. Meyer reported that Mr. Trask is working with SAA to bring the EAD stylesheets workshop to the area.  The proposed dates are June 10 and 11, and it should be at the University of Northern Colorado.

Signage for SRMA-sponsored events

Ms. Meyer led the discussion on the need for a poster to display at SRMA-sponsored events.  The recent Home Movie Day experience generated this idea, and Ms. Boyd related what happened there.  She made her own handouts that the attendees appreciated and thought it was a positive outreach event, but she thought better signage would have drawn more attendees to the SRMA table.  A discussion resulted that revolved around how to appropriately involve SRMA with more organizations and event organizers to raise awareness of archival principles, ideas, and practices.  Ms. Boyd and Ms. North-Carnahan volunteered to research various options.  Mr. Hight presented the idea that the membership coordinator also could function as the outreach coordinator; and these ideas will be discussed further at the next board meeting.

Archives Month report

Ms. Meyer did not receive a report from Ms. Bowen-Maier, so she asked what members have done for Archives Month.  Mr. Hight reported his appearance on a local radio station program and his upcoming preservation workshop.  Various board members expressed ideas regarding the creation of a Delicious account to pool links on various archives subjects, which then would be linked from the SRMA website.  Mr. Hight offered to send links from his preservation workshop to Ms. North-Carnahan, and she asked other members to contribute.

A discussion occurred concerning SRMA’s Archives Month poster, with the board expressing approval and appreciation for the work that Ms. Bowen-Maier did.  Ms. Jones suggested using citations for the images used on future posters, and Mr. Hight suggested using images from SRMA members.  These suggestions would require more initiative from members to assist the Archives Month coordinator.

Preservation news report

Ms. Jones reported that she had added more information to the website regarding the recent outbreak of bed bugs at Denver Public Library.  She also noted that the Connecting to Collections (C2C) survey closed and has been tallied.  The three highest collection concerns expressed by participants were digital preservation, emergency management, and storage and handling.  At the next C2C meeting in November, the group will select sites to be surveyed.

Ms. Jones asked for help in identifying organizations that could use archival supplies that were left over from the merger of SRMA and Colorado Preservation Alliance.  Ideas included expanding outreach, exploring incentives attached to membership, and others.  Further discussion included finding small institutions, using the Yahoo! group to find these organizations, working with the Colorado-Wyoming Association of Museums, and the logistics to make it happen.  Ms. Boyd and Ms. Jones will collaborate to create a brochure and use the Yahoo! group to spread the message.

Web site update

Ms. North-Carnahan noted the website still exists, and all board members have access to and use the forum.  Also, she has started using Google Analytics to track usage, and the site averages 70 views each day and users spend about two minutes on each page.  Users from domestic and international IP addresses have viewed the page, including spammers.  Questions arose regarding being logged in to the website over multiple browser sessions, and Ms. North-Carnahan said it might be an issue if the computer is used by others and they go to the SRMA site.  Otherwise there should not be much concern.  Ms. North-Carnahan asked Mr. Hight to send minutes from recent meetings to add to the website.

Ms. Meyer noted that the SRMA scholarship form on the website needs to have a SRMA membership box added for applicants to check.  Also, she noted that the Council of Inter-Mountain Archivists was pleased with the RSS feed for their website that is on the SRMA site.

Other old business

There was no additional old business.

New business

Ms. Velie announced she is moving from the area soon, although she will be a consultant with Naropa and will remain a member of SRMA.  She would like to continue serving as the newsletter editor, but was uncertain whether she qualified to do so.  Board members felt it would be feasible for her to remain in that position and to carry out her responsibilities via email and the SRMA website, as long as she felt she was able to fulfill her duties appropriately.

Ms. Meyer also discussed using the SRMA website board forum to vote instead of using email.  She offered to email board members when an item needs to be discussed and/or when a vote is needed.  She cited the upcoming webinar as an example of an action item that will need resolution before the next board meeting, and in which voting via the website’s forum is most practical.

Next board meeting place/date

The next board meeting likely will occur in late January or early February.

Ms. Meyer then adjourned the meeting at 3:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Cliff Hight, Secretary.