2010 April Board Minutes

Minutes of Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists Board Meeting
Held Thursday, April 8, 2010, 9:30 a.m.
Conference Call


The meeting was called to order at 9:37 a.m. by President Linda Meyer. Board members that called in included Shannon Bowen-Maier, Shaun Boyd, Lesley Drayton, Annette Gray, Cliff Hight, Karen Jones, Ms. Meyer, Cecily North-Carnahan, Jay Trask, and Jessica Velie. Shaun Hayes, Rebecca Lintz, and Kay Lowell were absent.

Minutes from 23 February 2010

Regarding the minutes of the 23 February 2010 board meeting, Ms. Gray moved to approve, Mr. Trask seconded, and the minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s report

Ms. Lowell was absent, so the report was tabled. She later sent an electronic copy of the report to board members, and it is attached below.

Western Roundup update

Ms. Drayton reported that the preliminary schedule is online. Ms. Gray gave the last known number of registrations as 243, including 13 SRMA members.

Western Roundup scholarships & exhibit space

Ms. Gray reported that there were seven applicants for the two SRMA Western Roundup scholarships. Aly Jabrocki and Ms. Lowell served with Ms. Gray on the committee, and they awarded Ms. Velie and Ms. Drayton scholarships.
Ms. Meyer reported on discussions that have occurred about how to publicize SRMA in its exhibit space at the Western Roundup. She suggested a banner that could be used repeatedly, but Ms. Gray noted the timeline is too tight, so the banner will be discussed at a later meeting. Ms. Gray was planning to take a poster and other items for the table. Suggestions from other board members included photos from SRMA meetings, old Archives Month posters, and pamphlets from member institutions. There was a discussion regarding which Archives Month posters to use, including one that received honorable mention in the SAA Archives Month Poster Contest.

Archives Month

Ms. Bowen-Maier asked what the board’s expectations for her position are. She doesn’t get a lot of feedback from members, and she wondered if her role is to promote members’ events or SRMA’s events. Ms. Meyer discussed making the position that of an outreach coordinator with Archives Month as a main responsibility. Ms. Jones also discussed her experiences with MayDay and how if no one is assigned, nothing happens. Ms. Bowen-Maier addressed efforts she has made in the past two years and the lack of response from members—only one member responded, two years ago.
The discussion moved toward changing the scope of the position. Ms. Meyer suggested having a blog that asks readers to tell what they have done to promote their facility or something similar. Ms. Bowen-Maier thought a blog like Archives Month Is Every Day would help, and Ms. North-Carnahan noted that the website has a blog option. Other ideas included contacting institutions directly to see if SRMA can assist or finding an effective way to share successful events with members. Mr. Trask recommended changing the office to Outreach Coordinator and adding it to the bylaws as a non-voting board member. Discussion occurred and after similar comments occurred, Mr. Trask proposed creating a permanent non-voting board member position named Outreach Coordinator. Ms. Drayton seconded and the motion passed unanimously. This motion will now be drafted in order to be presented to the SRMA membership as an amendment to the bylaws at the annual business meeting.

Bylaws discussion

Ms. Meyer led a discussion concerning the recruitment of board members. There was a lack of clarity in the bylaws about the possibility of a person later serving again in the same position. The addition of the word “consecutive” to the current phrase would provide the necessary clarity. Ms. Drayton then moved to change the phrase in Article 3, Section 6H from “No officer may serve more than one (1) full term…” to “No officer may serve more than one (1) consecutive full term…”. Ms. Jones seconded and it passed unanimously. Again, this motion will now be drafted in order to be presented to the SRMA membership as an amendment to the bylaws at the annual business meeting.
Ms. Meyer then pointed out that Article 3, Section 9 notes the publicity and openness of SRMA board meetings, and that a stronger effort needs to occur to better publicize to membership in a timely manner when a board meeting will occur.
Finally, Ms. Gray noted that Article 5 states a review of the bylaws is required every three years by a board-appointed committee. She suggested that the next review should occur before the 2011 business meeting.
Appointment & re-appointment of non-voting board members
Ms. Meyer cited Article 3, Section 6 of the bylaws to begin the discussion of appointing non-voting members. Ideas were submitted to clarify how to officially appoint non-voting board members. Mr. Trask moved to reappoint current non-voting board members through the 2010-2011 election cycle. Ms. Drayton seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
Ms. Boyd then reminded the board that she is stepping down as Membership Coordinator after six years in the position. Ms. Meyer discussed how to handle the process, whether to have the board just appoint a replacement or to ask the membership for those interested to submit a letter of interest. This process may become the standard for all positions, and it will be more fully developed in the coming months. Ms. Gray was tasked with the responsibility to develop the framework. Ms. Boyd was asked to draft a job description that will be posted to the membership. Ms. Gray is interested in this position, so Ms. Boyd will be the contact person for members interested in being the Membership Coordinator. She soon will send a message to the membership that lists responsibilities of the position, requests interested members to contact her, and states the deadline is April 30. After that date, a candidate will be selected during a conference call of voting board members prior to the business meeting in June.
A discussion then occurred about scheduling meetings and some of the difficulties associated with it. Suggestions included using Doodle.com to make the process easier for board members. This option may be used for future meetings.

Elections of new board members

Ms. Gray noted that there are two nominations and that there is movement among other positions.
Shifting responsibility for the SRMA Yahoo! group from Membership Coordinator to Website Coordinator
Ms. Boyd suggested that the needs of the Yahoo! group fit more closely with the responsibilities of the Website Coordinator than the Membership Coordinator, so she proposed this change. The remainder of the board agreed, and Ms. North-Carnahan was willing to add it to her work, so the Website Coordinator now has the responsibility to administer the SRMA Yahoo! group.

Planning for Spring Conference

Ms. Jones reported progress on the Spring Conference, which is focused on preservation. She noted that the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) program, Connecting to Collections (C2C), has contracted with Colorado Springs conservator Victoria Montana-Ryan to provide the program for the Colorado-Wyoming Association of Museums (CWAM) conference and the SRMA conference. The SRMA meeting will be on June 4 at the Robert Hoag Rawlings Public Library in Pueblo. The available topics include curatorial decision making, collection development policy, deaccessioning, community involvement, low-cost climate control improvements, sustainable steps in collections care, and emergency preparedness. Ms. Drayton asked how much time Ms. Montana-Ryan will need, but that hasn’t been decided yet. Ms. Drayton noted that Mr. Hayes has contacted two people about possibly presenting at the meeting as the program details get worked out.
Because C2C is paying for lunches and much of the costs and the library is not charging a site fee, this meeting should be very inexpensive for attendees and SRMA. The program will include a 45-minute business meeting, with the remainder of the time devoted to preservation. Board interest in the possible topics revolved around collection development policy making (including acquisition and deaccessioning), community involvement, climate control, and sustainable steps in collections care. Ms. Jones will email the board after talking with Ms. Montana-Ryan, and more of the program details will be finalized. Ms. Drayton suggested setting costs after Ms. Jones and Ms. Montana-Ryan discuss options.
Other old business
Ms. Jones gave an update on preservation. She noted that Colorado State University’s Wei T’o Book Dryer no longer works. She posted that information to the website, as well as information about LED lighting for light-sensitive items. Also, the PEM2 discussed last meeting has been ordered and should be ready for the spring meeting.

Next board meeting place/date?

With no new business, Ms. Meyer stated the next board meeting likely will occur after the spring meeting, unless a conference call is required. She then adjourned the meeting at 11:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by Cliff Hight, Secretary.
Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists

Treasurer’s Report
April 12, 2010

Actions taken on behalf of SRMA since our February meeting:

1) Updated Certificate of Good Standing with State of Colorado;
2) Updated Principal Office records with State of Colorado;
3) Updated Registered Agent records with State of Colorado.

Each of these three e-filings required a payment of $10, for a total of $30. The documents needed to be changed to the Treasurer’s information in order to file the:

4) Annual Report for Nonprofit Organization – which was also filed on the same date, 2/23/2010.

5) IRS Form 990N e-filing was accepted by the IRS on 3/29/2010.

6) A PEM2 monitor and Storage Guide for Color Photographic Materials have been ordered from the Image Permanence Institute for the preservation kit. The total for this purchase was $414 with shipping.

7) A donation of $250 was made via PayPal e-check to the Libraries Without Borders organization for Haiti earthquake-related relief.

8) The two Western Round-Up scholarship recipients have been reimbursed for their costs incurred thus far (as supported by receipts).

9) ACT Teleconferencing invoice for the February Board Meeting ($112.17) was paid.

10) A copy of Quicken 2010 was purchased and installed on the Treasurer’s laptop (in order to avoid licensing and maintenance issues with Campus IT). This version of Quicken allows online download/updating of information from Wells Fargo Bank to avoid error in entering transactions.

Unfortunately, PayPal transfers to the checking account reflect only the net total after Paypal fees, rather than the gross income. Work to set up payment and income categories is under way, as well as looking for a way to incorporate PayPal fees into the accounting. As soon as the tweaks are accomplished I will create a complete year-to-date report and forward it to the Board. In the meantime, accounts are accurate and have been reconciled with bank statements both on paper and in Quicken.

Wells Fargo Non-Profit Checking Current balance: $15,219.25
Wells Fargo Market Rate Savings Current balance: $10,116.56

Submitted by Kay Lowell, Treasurer