2010 July Board Minutes

Minutes of the Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists Board Meeting
Held Friday, July 9, 2010, 1:00 p.m.
Colorado State Archives, Denver, Colorado


The meeting was called to order by President Jay Trask. Board members attending in person included:
Bev Allen, Rosemary Evetts, Annette Gray, Karen Jones, Jay Trask, and Amy Ziegler. Steve Fisher also attended the meeting in person. Shannon Bowen-Maier, Cliff Hight, Kay Lowell, Linda Meyer, and Jessica Velie called in via conference call. Shaun Hayes, Rebecca Lintz, and Cecily North-Carnahan were absent.

April 8, 2010 Board Minutes

Regarding the minutes from April 8, 2010, Ms. Gray moved to approve and Ms. Lowell seconded. The minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Ms. Lowell reported that the checking account has less than last year because SRMA awarded more scholarships than usual and contributed money to the Journal of Western Archives. She renewed the GoDaddy website for 2 years for $27.34. The total amount in checking is $14,995.87 and the total in the money market savings account is $10,117.82. The money market is earning 40 cents in interest per month. Ms. Lowell also reported that the category breakdowns on her past treasurer reports were less accurate, before the recent purchase of Quicken software. Ms. Evetts approved the treasurer report and Ms. Allen seconded. The report was approved unanimously. A copy of the Treasurer’s Report is attached below.

Western Roundup Planning

Mr. Trask began the discussion concerning the next Western Roundup. There is the possibility of the conference being in Denver, Colorado, although there is some interest in San Francisco, California too. Mr. Trask sought suggestions about the time frame, recommending every three or four years and discussion of other archival organizations participation. A question arose as to whether the Society of Southwest Archivists has been invited to the conference in past years. They did not participate this year, since their annual conference conflicted with the date of Western Roundup, but they also did not participate in the Roundup in Las Vegas in 2005. CIMA is planning to celebrate their 40th anniversary with a joint conference with SRMA in the spring of 2013, so Ms. Meyer suggested that the Roundup not be held in 2013 to avoid conflict. Mr. Trask recommended sending out an email to the membership seeking individuals for a committee along with Ms. Allen and Steve Fisher, who volunteered to be on the committee, with Mr. Hayes as the committee head.

Bylaws Revision

Mr. Trask brought to the board’s attention that the by-laws need to be reviewed every three years by committee and sought volunteers for the committee. Mr. Hight, Ms. Evetts, Ms. Gray, Ms. Lowell, and Nancy Freeman volunteered to serve on the committee along with Mr. Trask. A message will also be sent out to the membership seeking individuals for the committee. The committee will also discuss changes that were approved by the board this past year, but not soon enough to be approved at the annual SRMA business meeting.

Board Emails/Forum

Mr. Trask stated that Ms. North-Carnahan set up board emails, which can be forwarded to board member’s normal work email. The Board questioned how to set up this function and requested a tutorial from Ms. North-Carnahan. Additionally, Mr. Trask suggested using the forum on the SRMA website to hold discussions online. Ms. Gray will pass both requests for information on to Ms. North-Carnahan.


Mr. Trask stated that Ms. North-Carnahan has updated the board’s contact information on the website. The emails listed on the website are the SRMA emails and not the board members’ work email addresses. One of the most popular items viewed on the website is the C2C information. People using Iphones, droids, and Ipods have all accessed the site, as well as individuals from foreign countries. Additionally, SRMA has a Facebook ad credit and Google ad credit. Both Ms. Jones and Mr. Trask congratulated Ms. North-Carnahan on conscientious updates to the website.


Ms. Gray reported that there were two applicants for the Fall SRMA Conference; no applicants for the Spring SRMA Conference; seven applicants for Western Roundup, of which two were chosen; and four applicants for the SAA conference. The two SAA scholarships were awarded to Allaina Wallace and Jenny Stevens. There was one inquiry about the application process from a former recipient. The applicant questioned the waiting period of two years before applying for another scholarship. Ms. Gray sought clarification on the exact time period of the waiting period and questioned combining both the SRMA and the SAA scholarship into the same waiting period. Some of the suggestions included: drawing names for the SRMA scholarships without filling out an application; others favored keeping applications to avoid the appearance of favoritism; using a flat rate of $100 for the SRMA conference scholarships; and emphasizing the two year waiting period on brochures, emails and other promotional material. The discussion ended with a request to the Scholarship Committee to address scholarship guidelines and then bring recommendations for a vote at the next board meeting.

Fall Conference Planning

Mr. Trask referenced Mr. Hayes email about hosting the Fall Conference in Laramie Wyoming. Mr. Trask strongly recommended this location because so many of the past meetings have been held in Colorado. There was no opposition from the board concerning the location. The date of the conference was discussed including the options of September 17th and October 15th. Mr. Trask felt that September 17th was too soon and rushed planning. October 15th was highlighted as an appropriate date to host it, since it coincides with archives month. However, others questioned the weather in October. Ms. Allen suggested advance planning for future conferences, years in advance. The response was extremely favorable from the board.

Preservation Update

Ms. Jones delivered the preservation update. She stated that the final meeting of the Connecting to Collections advisory board meeting had taken place. She felt that the survey went well and that they are now seeking an implementation grant as a follow up to the planning grant. Ms. Jones sought the board’s willingness to commit and participate in the grant. The level of commitment may be greater with the implementation grant including such items as: training, mentoring, workshops, and in-kind donations. However, SRMA might receive reimbursement for participation in the grant. The amount sought is for $250,000, which focuses exclusively on Colorado. The grant writers have not started writing, but a brain storming session has been scheduled for this summer. Liz Bishoff volunteered as the grant writer. This grant would also be more inclusive, focusing on an umbrella of conservation and archives. Ms. Lowell was hesitant to agree to the grant, without having any identified specific information about SRMA’s role. All were interested in learning more about the grant and expressed a willingness to participate. However, a formal commitment was not agreed upon by the board until specific details could be outlined.

Ms. Jones also reported that attendance for the upcoming WESTPAS workshop is low. The workshop will be held August 27th. She suggested that it was difficult for individuals to commit to bringing their entire disaster group to the meeting. Mr. Trask recommended sending out more reminders.

Old Business

Ms. Bowen-Maier updated the board about her future meeting with a graphic designer to design this year’s Archives Month poster. “In-reach and Outreach” are the theme for this year. She hopes the theme will be used as a vehicle for how archivists think about outreach overall and emphasis collaboration among other professionals. Ms. Bowen-Maier saw an example on the SAA listserv where images from other institutions were used as content. She felt that SRMA could do something similar, by pulling images from the Flickr website to be used on the Archives Month poster.

New Business

Mr. Trask discussed SRMA’s Long Range Plan. The long range plan and the budget need to be reviewed every three years. He suggested combining a long range plan committee with the bylaws committee. After the minutes are available, Mr. Trask will send out an email to members about the long range plan. Additionally the Colorado and Wyoming archival directory should be updated annually. Ms. Gray stated that she had put together most of the information as part of the C2C project. Mr. Trask stated that the president, vice-president and treasurer will develop an annual plan and budget.

Ms. Bowen-Maier requested a budget for archives month. It would be helpful for her planning since the available funds are unknown. Ms. Lowell agreed that having an outline of expenses would be beneficial since she was not sure what expenses qualified for reimbursements. Mr. Trask stated that they will have something to present at the next board meeting.

Next Board Meeting Place/Date

Mr. Trask suggested the next board meeting be held in September. The final determination of a date will be decided later via email. The locations recommended were Denver, Castle Rock or Lakewood. The Doodle website will be used to survey favorable meeting times.

Mr. Trask adjourned the meeting at 2:15.

Respectfully submitted by Amy Ziegler, Secretary.

Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists
Treasurer’s Report
July 1, 2009-July 9, 2010
Beginning balance = $17,715.82


Memberships – Checks 1895.00 ACT Teleconferencing 803.85
Memberships – PayPal 1020.00 Conference Expenses
Fall 09 $2007.92
Spring 10 1426.23
Webinars, etc 601.02 4035.17
Newsletter advertising 580.00 Donation to Libraries Without Borders (Haiti) 250.00
Fall 2009 Conference Registrations 2230.00 Postage and Delivery 269.88
Spring 2010 Conference Registrations 765.00 Journal of Western Archives 1000.00
Conference Support (C2C) 1383.00 Printing and Reproduction
(brochures, posters) 61.75
Scholarships 3505.13
(Quicken, Preservation Kit) 477.81
Paypal Fees 104.02
Bank Fees 28.00
Filing Fees (Secretary of State) 30.00
GoDaddy (Website) 27.34

Total $7,873.00 Total $10,592.95

Ending balance = $14,995.87
Money Market savings account $10,117.82
Our money market account earns approximately forty cents per month in interest at this time.
We have outstanding commitments of $2000 for the Journal (over 2 years) and $1392 for the upcoming SAA conference (one scholarship winner has been reimbursed fees incurred to date)
Respectfully submitted,
Kay E. Lowell, Treasurer, SRMA
July 9, 2010