2011 August Board Meeting Minutes

Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists Board Meeting

Friday, August 19, 2011, 1 pm

Douglas County History Research Center, Castle Rock, CO


The meeting was called to order at 1:12 pm by president Beverly Allen.  Board members attending in person included Beverly Allen, Rosemary Evetts, Annette Gray, Cecily North, Laura Ruttum, and Amanda Stow.  Caroline Blackburn, Steve Fisher, Kay Lowell, Jaime Seemiller, and Amy Ziegler called in.  Allaina Wallace was absent.


Mr. Trask proposed changes to the July 2011 minutes including spelling errors and board members misidentified.  The changes were approved unanimously.  The minutes from the March 2011 meeting were passed out.  Ms. Allen stated that she would email these minutes too.

Treasurer Reports

Ms. Lowell emailed a treasurer report to the board, which stated very little change.  The report did include spring conference costs and SAA conference scholarship costs.  The report was unanimously approved.

Membership Reports

Ms. Gray stated that there are 139 members.  She has updated the membership form and brochure with SRMA’s new logo.  Ms. Allen will make copies of these.

Electronic Resources Update

Ms. Blackburn stated that Ms. North has updated her about her new position.  Mr Fisher will provide preservation information for the website in September.  Ms. Blackburn questioned the renewal process and Ms. Lowell requested access to the password.  There is a Linked In account for SRMA and Ms. Blackburn encouraged the board to signup.  However, it is not a requirement.  When looking at the retention schedule, Ms. Blackburn noticed the website needs to be archived and inquired about the process for this.  Ms. North stated that she had done screen shots in the past.  Ms. Blackburn stated that there were not many posts on the Facebook account.  Ms. North added that she is still in the process of uploading old documents such as minutes and newsletters.  Ms. Allen asked whether there were any photos uploaded to the website.  Ms. North replied that the only ones that were ever posted were from an Archives Month at unknown year.

Archives/Records Retention Schedules

Ms. Seemiller requested the funding available for an external drive and thumb drives.  Additionally she inquired how much space the board felt was needed.  Ms. Lowell questioned the disposition of the paper records.  Are these to be scanned in?  Ms. Seemiller answered stating that if the record was originally in paper form then deliver it in paper form and the same for electronic records.  There is no need to scan paper documents.  Mr. Trask made a motion to spend up to $250.00 for a terabyte drive and thumb drives.  Ms. Lowell seconds and the motion was approved unanimously.  Ms. Gray was unsure what should be retained from the president’s files.  Ms. Seemiller will leave it up to the discretion of the archivists what is vitally important.  Mr. Trask makes a motion that we approve the revised retention schedule.  IT is approved unanimously.  Ms. Seemiller will pass out the thumb drives at the next meeting


Ms. Ruttum has met with a student at the Rocky Mountain Center for Design.  She suggested paying $200 for the design editor.  Ms. Allen feels the amount is appropriate.  And the board all agreed.  For this project, there will be imagery and an explanation of the project, including how archives were the basis for the creations.

Ms Ruttum also inquired about the home movie event.  SRMA has held this event in the past and questioned what contacts if any needed to be made.


Ms. Stow printed out a copy of the newsletter and posted it on SRMA’s website.  Going forward she would like to reach out to other states and student chapters such as Emporia’s.  She still needs to send out hard copies.  She asked Ms. Seemiller if she would like a hard copy or just a PDF.  Ms. Seemiller would like both.

Fall Conference

Ms. Evetts stated that she has full program of speakers including:  Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library; Rocky Mountain National Park, Lakewood History Center, Jefferson County Archives, and American Music Research Library in Boulder. The conference will be held in Boulder from 8:30-3:30.  The charge will be $25 for members, $50 for non-members and $10 for students.  Ms. Evetts inquired if the board would be interested in a balloon art presentation with a speaking fee of $150.  Everyone was in agreement that it sounded fun.  Various suggestions were raised for the speaker’s placement in the day, such as during lunch or right after lunch.  Ms. Allen suggested a speaker from NHPRC.  However the day is already fully booked.  Ms. Evetts suggested moving it to the spring conference when Marc Greene will be speaking.  Ms. Allen also suggested having an NHPRC article in the newsletter.  Mr. Fisher suggested having a contest for who can name the weirdest thing in their archive.  Ms. Evetts also stated that attendees will need to pay for parking, which is nine dollars a day.  Ms. Ziegler suggested printing parking costs on the brochure.  Ms. Lowell recommend parking fees be paid to scholarship winners and Mr. Trask agreed.  Ms. Evetts mentioned problems at Wells Fargo in Fort Collins.  Paperwork needed to be signed by Ms. Lowell to authorize Ms. Evetts use of SRMA’s credit card.


Mr. Fisher talked with Ms. North and Karen Jones about preservation links, which he’ll provide in September.

New Business–SAA

At SAA, SRMA will have two tables.  One table is during office hours for regional organization’s that’s only one hour from 1030-11:30 on Friday.  The other table is informational and will be staffed.  Ms. Gray will print out fifty more membership brochures to take to Chicago.  Ms. Allen requested the funding to buy poster board.  The board approved it unanimously.  Ms. Allen will be reimbursed by Ms. Lowell.

New Business

Mr. Trask reported that one member wanted to buy a bumper sticker with SRMA’s logo on it.  Mr. Trask suggested Café Press or Vista Print.  Café Press provides an online store where other merchandize could be sold in addition to the bumper stickers.  Café Press charged $239 for 100 stickers and smaller stickers could be made, and Vista Print charged $239.  Ms. Allen suggested giving the bumper stickers to those who made a donation.  Ms. Gray suggested creating a luggage tag.  Mr. Trask recommended Café Press for the availability of different items and convenience that people can buy anytime.  Everyone agreed that the store should be created and 100 bumper stickers ordered.  Ms. Allen made a motion and it was approved unanimously.

Ms. Evetts asked the board to set a date for the spring meeting.  The dates suggested were June 1st and June 15th, with June 1st being the date selected.

Ms. Lowell sought approval to setup the Quicken update for $10 a year.  The board approved her request.

Ms. North asked if SRMA has committed to a joint meeting.  SRMA has committed for a joint meeting.

Mr. Trask stated that there was one applicant for the SAA scholarship.

Ms. Allen requested that the board look at the list Ms. Wallace submitted to the board regarding webinars.

Ms. Gray provided an update on the C2C planning meeting.  The implementation grant was turned down.  Ms. Gray sought the board’s opinion of going further.  Is there support?  The board would like to read the grant before they make a commitment.

The meeting adjourned at 3:15.

Respectfully Submitted,

Amy Ziegler