2011 November Board Meeting Minutes

Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists Board Meeting

Monday, November 14, 2011, 2:00 PM

Douglas County History Research Center, Castle Rock, CO

The meeting was called to order at 2:05 pm by president Beverly Allen.  Board members attending in person were Beverly Allen, Jay Trask, Annette Gray, Cecily North, Steve Fisher, and Amanda Stow.  Caroline Blackburn, Amy Ziegler, Allaina Wallace, Jamie Seemiller, and Laura Ruttum called in.  Kay Lowell and Rosemary Evetts were absent.

Ms. North suggested adding CIMA to the New Business section, fourth paragraph of the meeting minutes to specify which joint meeting was discussed.  Mr. Trask moved to approve the minutes and Ms. Allen seconded it.  The minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurer Report
Ms. Lowell was absent from the board meeting.  However, the Café Press expenditure was questioned because it was not recorded on the report.  Ms. Allen also questioned if there was a year to date report.  Ms. Allen made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report.  The report was unanimously approved.

Treasurers Report: January 1, 2011 – November 11, 2011

Membership Report
Ms. Gray announced that there are currently 148 members.  Ms. Gray had an inquiry about the membership directory.  Since it has been misplaced, Ms. Gray asked if it was located on the website.  It has not been added to the website in the past because of personal addresses.  Some organizations do an opt-out.  In SSA members have to log on to get the directory.  Ms. North suggested putting it on the Yahoo listserv.  Individuals could have access to institutional lists online but full directory access would be gained through the Yahoo group.

Electronic Resources Update
Ms. Blackburn stated the Mr. Fisher is updating preservation and emergency resources.  She still anticipates adding the newsletter and institutional list online.  One question did arise for Ms. Seemiller regarding frequency of screen shots for the SRMA archives.  Ms. Blackburn suggested two times a year: June and December.  This was accepted.

Archivist Report
Ms. Seemiller stated that she has only received one flash drive back.  She wishes to work with Ms. Blackburn about capturing material on the website.  Ms. Seemiller also sought past president material from Mr. Trask and Patty.  As far as the current board’s material, she requested all items be brought to the spring meeting and she can get everything at one time.  She is unable to touch the collection in Denver until April so there is really no rush. There are both print and electronic files in the collection.  She will design the file structure to mirror the finding aid.  Electronic records will be weaved in and not separated by format.

Outreach Report
Ms. Ruttum reported that the home movie day event ended up being canceled.  It was difficult to find a location to host the event.  Old theaters were too expensive.  She suggested planning in June or July so we don’t run into the same problem again.  Ms. Wallace suggested the International Film Festival in Boulder as a participant, with planning beginning this summer.

In a recent blog about archives, the SRMA newsletter was highlighted.  A Twitter workshop has been suggested by a library school student who is anxious to plan an event for the spring. Discussion was held whether it should be tied into the spring conference, such as the day before or after.  Perhaps a Saturday or per-conference item.  Ms. Gray suggested a poll be taken on the listserv to see how the membership felt.

Newsletter Update
Ms. Stow received positive comments about the new newsletter, which the hard copy has not been sent out yet.  She announced that she will try and connect with different states and students and see if they want to give updates on what they are doing.

Spring Conference Update
Ms. Evetts was not in attendance at the meeting.  However she did send an update via email and some of the feedback from the last meeting.  The main issues were lots of technical difficulties.  Ms. Wallace suggested getting presentations ahead of time, purchasing a SRMA laptop for conferences, or hire IT student for the day to help with glitches.  Ms. North agreed that the presentations should be obtained before the conference, but she didn’t like the idea of purchasing a laptop for conference because it would be moved too much.  Ms. Allen asked what type of technical problems arose.  One presenter had their PowerPoint saved as a shortcut, laptop battery dying, and obtaining logon passwords.  Mr. Trask suggested drafting requirements for hosting institutions to avoid this in the future.  Mr. Trask and Ms. Wallace volunteered to draft the guidelines.

Preservation Update
Mr. Fisher is reviewing the preservation and disaster response sections on the website.  He recommended adding a link for map preservation.  There was also discussion of collaborating with CWAM on disaster resources, since we use many of the same resources.

New Business–SAA
Ms. Allen discussed an email from the president of SAA about creating a forum at the next SAA meeting to talk about the role of regional organizations and how they work within SAA.  The goal is to provide more meaningful ways for the various organizations to work together.  Ms. Allen wants board members to be thinking about this because representatives will be sent to this forum.  One board member wanted to focus on getting digital archivist certification and education.  The task force at the SAA annual meeting is looking at providing online simulcasts put on by the regional organizations.

National History Day
Ms. Allen suggested that SRMA encourage archives to participate in National History Day.  Ms. Gray has participated in past years and found it to be an amazing day that was very positive and fun.  A link on the listserv and a an article in the newsletter where decided for promotion.

CIMA/SRMA Meeting 2013
Ms. North updated the board stating that we verbally agreed to a joint conference in Salt Lake, although nothing was written down.  So it is unknown if the event will still be held.  CWAM is being held in Golden that year too.  Ms. North suggested a collaboration with the organization, where members could attend at the SRMA rate.  CWAM is in the middle of May and CIMA is the week before.  Although there is usually a business meeting at SRMA’s spring conference.  Mr. Trask suggested a week apart is really tough for people to attend both and that it would be difficult for the program board members to do both.  Although Ms. North stated that they would CWAM would do most of the planning and SRMA members only need to attend.  The discussion ended that SRMA is committed to CIMA and CWAM is still up for debate.

Cafepress Sales
There was not much to report from Cafepress sales.  The password was sent to Ms. Lowell and Ms. Ruttum.

Implementation Grant
Ms. Gray emailed the notes from the latest implementation grant meeting.  There is not a lot of commitment required, except for a workshop.  Peer-to-peer experts will be a result of the grant.  These are members form SRMA and CWAM, who are provided with training to instruct other institutions what they need to do.  A three hour survey would be conducted.  Ten people would be needed to serve as the experts.  They will go in pairs and be paid $450 a dollars a day.  Status updates would be given at SRMA board meetings as well.  The Colorado State Library is also participating and they are happy to provide webinars.  Ms. Allen asked if they needed a formal commitment.  The board loved the idea.  Mr. Trask made a motion.  Ms. Allen seconded it.  And the motion was approved unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Amy Ziegler