2012 May Board Minutes

Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists Board Meeting

Monday, May 7, 2012, 2:00 PM

Douglas County History Research Center, Castle Rock, CO


The meeting was called to order at 2:05 pm by President Beverly Allen.  Board members attending in person were Beverly Allen, Jay Trask, Annette Gray, Cecily North, Rosemary Evetts, and Amanda Stow.  Caroline Blackburn, Amy Ziegler, Steve Fisher and Kay Lowell called in.  Laura Ruttum Senturia, Allaina Wallace, and Jamie Seemiller were absent.


The minutes were not presented.  Ms. North will provide them to the board through email for approval.

Treasurer Report

Ms. Lowell reported income of MetalEdge conference support, spring conference registrations and memberships totaling $1743.46.  Expenses included Paypal fees, Colorado Secretary of State filing fee for the Annual Report, and Live Office for teleconferencing totaling $99.58.  The balance is $14,604.43 and the money market total is $10,126.27.  Ms. Gray questioned a membership deposit of $15.00 on April 27th that was not posted.  Ms. Lowell will follow up on the deposit.  Mr. Trask made a motion to approve the treasurer report.  Ms. Evetts seconded it.  The report was approved unanimously.

Membership Report

Ms. Gray announced that there are currently 121 members, with 20 new members.  She also announced that she is starting to work on the directory.

Electronic Resources Update

Ms. Blackburn stated that there have been no reported problems with the meeting registration.  She will post the meeting minutes once received to the website.  She also reported that she will bring the website files on a flash drive to the meeting for Ms. Seemiller.

Archivist Report

Ms. Seemiller was not in attendance.  An archivist report was not reported.

Outreach Report

Ms. Ruttum was not in attendance.  An outreach report was not reported.

Newsletter Update

Ms. Stow stated that SRMA has not received payment from vendors for years concerning ads placed in the newsletter.  She requested permission to pull the ads until we receive payment.  The board agreed.  Ms. Allen suggested the vendors be contacted.  Ms. Stow agreed to contact the vendors.  Ms. Gray suggested Metal Edge’s ad remain since they provide conference support.  This was also approved.  Ms. Stow also reported that she will be calling in at the next board meeting because she accepted a position at American Heritage Center.

Conference Update

Ms. Evetts reported that the conference program is set.  She has delegated IT issues to Ms. Wallace.  Ms. Allen asked the number of tables needed for the caterer.  Ms. Evetts will take care of the arrangements through auxiliary services.  Mr. Fisher requested hotel suggestions.  MS. Allen will send out hotel suggestions on the SRMA listserv.

Preservation Update

Mr. Fisher reported on the Ask an Archivist Day event at Denver Public Library.  The event was a success and appointments helped the day go smoothly with a steady stream of people.  Scrapbooks, textiles, and scanning were popular.  Mr. Fisher will write an article for the newsletter about the event.

Mr. Fisher also reported a recent conference call with the Colorado Division on Emergency Management.  They are in the infant stages.  However, they are inviting cultural and historical institutions.

New Business—SAA and Regionals

Ms. Allen and Ms. Seemiller will represent SRMA at SAA.  SAA is interested in having more collaboration and cooperation from regional archives organizations.  To facilitate this goal Ms. Allen suggested hosting virtual meetings, educational offerings, discounts, shared calendar of events, and better coordination of advocacy issues.  No one on the board contributed additional recommendations.  Ms. Allen will pose the question on the listserv for ideas as well.

Student Writing Prize

Ms. Blackburn reported that she met with Mr. Fisher and Ms. Stow about the writing prize.  Submissions must include 1,000-2,000 words, which will appear in the newsletter.  Submissions will be reviewed and outsider with expertise in the subject area will consult.  Mr. Fisher will inquire about the submission’s potential to be peer-reviewed.  The winner will receive free registration to the SRMA meeting, where he or she will provide a five minute presentation on the topic.  Ms. Lowell stated that there is funding available for this project.  Ms. Blackburn posed the question: “If a student submits an article, do they have to a part of the student writing prize?”  The board agreed that the student does not have to be in the contest to submit.  Ms. Blackburn also outlined requirements that the students need to include the name of their school, that there is only one award, and students can post one year after graduation.  Ms. Stow recommended the committee meet via email about a timeline. 

SAA Scholarship

Mr. Trask inquired if there were scholarships available to SAA.  If so how much money will be offered and how many scholarships are available?  The board stated that there is one scholarship for $1,000.  Mr. Trask made a motion to approve this scholarship and Ms. Allen seconded it.  However, the language stated on the website is misleading.  Ms. Lowell noticed that the website stated that individuals will receive a stipend in addition to the $1,000.  The website will be updated to reflect a flat rate of $1,000 total.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Amy Ziegler