2015 February Board Minutes

Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists Board Meeting
Thursday, February 5, 2015; Scheduled for 12:30 – 2:30 pm
Roxborough Branch Library, Littleton, Colorado

Meeting called to order at 12:32 pm

Present: Shaun Boyd, Vice President; Holly Geist, Secretary; Melissa Gurney, Treasurer; Lindsay Schettler, Preservation Member-at-large; Jamie Seemiller, Archivist; Maria Tucker, President; Katie Yockey, Membership Coordinator
Present via telephone: Tim Hawkins, Past President; Kate Legg, Member-at-large; Max Miller, Newsletter Editor; Sara Szakaly, Program Director
Absent: Caroline Blackburn, Electronic Resources Coordinator


Ms. Boyd motioned to accept the November 19, 2014 board meeting minutes; Ms. Gurney seconded; approved unanimously

Treasurer’s Report
Ms. Gurney informed the board that we have $13,954.04 in checking and $10,137.155 in savings.
The UberConference service for conference calling will cost $22.77 per month.
Thus far, we have spent approximately $2,200 on the Western Roundup.

Membership Report
Ms. Yockey reported there are currently 151 members. She recently removed all elapsed members from the YahooGroup account, which in the past has prompted some people to renew their memberships; she has not yet received any communications from people who were cut off of this service.

Newsletter Report
The newsletter will come out tomorrow, since Mr. Miller just received the missing advertisement artwork from a vendor. He downloaded open source desktop publishing software, and it took some extra work to transfer the materials from the former newsletter system. Mr. Miller intends to refine the look and feel of the newsletter after receiving feedback.

Electronic Resources Report
Ms. Blackburn Absent
Ms. Tucker reported that SRMA’s Facebook page is receiving good traffic and numerous likes. We should probably use Facebook to advertise Western Roundup.
Ms. Blackburn has continued to post while on maternity leave.

The board discussed the specifics of the scholarship for the Western Roundup.
Ms. Gurney motioned to provide one scholarship totaling $500 for the Western Roundup Conference; Ms. Geist seconded; approved
Mr. Hawkins will send out a scholarship announcement today. Ms. Gurney and Mr. Hawkins will be part of the scholarship committee, but they will have to find a third member as typically the last scholarship winner would serve on the committee, but there was no recipient at the fall meeting. The deadline for the scholarship application will be April 16th, which is prior to the early bird registration deadline.

Ms. Schettler provided a written report:
The kits are in the process of being advertised in the next newsletter. The advertisement includes details about each kit, a blurb from Doug Rippey (DU Metadata Technician) about how the photography kit was useful, and my contact information.

Need help preparing Preservation Week event.
-Bring in SRMA student members?
-Need brainstorming meeting or ideas?
-Where in Pueblo, CO?
-What type of event? exhibit, workshop, promotional flyers/brochures
The board discussed Preservation Week, which is April 26th to May 2nd. This year, Ms. Schettler will compile a list of preservation related events to post on Facebook, and provide a daily preservation tip. She hopes to expand on the week-long celebration in the future.
Ms. Schettler will work with Ms. Blackburn to get information on the website regarding borrowing the preservation kits.

Open Board Position: Outreach Coordinator
Ms. Tucker reported that the person who showed an interest in taking over outreach has recently found a new job and will not be filling the board position. Ms. Yockey will check with another employee at the Colorado State Archives about taking over as coordinator.

Fall Conference 2015
The new Member-at-large, Ms. Legg, will look into having the fall conference somewhere more west than our usual locations, such as Estes Park. There was also discussion of the possibility of doing a Society of American Archivists (SAA) webinar or workshop in conjunction with the fall meeting.

Old Business

Western Roundup Conference
The board extensively discussed the upcoming conference.

For the reception, Ms. Seemiller looked into a number of locations but found that the minimum space rental or food purchases were beyond our budget for the conference. The reception will take place at Denver Public Library Western History Department (main branch) on May 28th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. The catering will be Scratch Catering Services. They will serve heavy appetizers, wine and beer (Colorado micro-brews options). The current estimate is $15 per person, but Ms. Seemiller will get better numbers when she meets with the caterer on February 19th.
The food minimum for Embassy Suits is $15,000. Ms. Seemiller is concerned about getting to that number, so there is the possibility that board meetings or breaks that would not usually be provided with food or beverage service will be at this conference. She will look into the various meal options and break services to see how we can best reach the minimum. Right now, the options appear to be two seated lunches, four pre-conference breaks, two morning breaks (Thursday and Friday), and then various business and board meetings. CIMA will also be holding their own reception with appetizers and a cash bar.

Bev Allen is the lead on sponsorship. Mr. Hawkins will email her about the status of the packets for soliciting sponsors. Each participating organization (CIMA, NWA, SCA, & SRMA) will likely be tasked with contacting local vendors regarding sponsorship.

Registration System
Someone from the Society of California Archivists suggested the registration service that they use. Ms. Gurney looked into, and it appears that it will cost $9-12 per registrant to use the service. Apparently it works very well, but the ease of use and installation is still in question. The board agreed that the money might be worth it if the system is very simple and takes care of all registration work, but that we cannot yet make that decision; the board delegated Ms. Gurney and Ms. Blackburn to decide if we should make the purchase.

On-site Registration
The committee is in the process of working with Ms. Blackburn to get a registration form on the website, but that might change if we purchase the registration services.
Ms. Gurney asked about manning the registration table. She will not have to be there the whole time to accept money, and the method of accepting money is still in discussions (check or credit card only on the day, for instance). The board will cooperate to cover the registration table for the times when it is open:
7:30-9:00 (multiple people)
7:30-9:00 (multiple people)
Ms. Schettler will solicit help from University of Denver students to cover the registration table. The board decided to offer the students compensation in the form of discounts of $40 for a two hour shift. No decisions were made on how to logistically get them the discount (during registration, refund after the fact, etc.)

Right now, the guesstimate on the cost of the conference is $36,000 and the income is at $39,000, so we are still theoretically in the black. This does not include the registration system, which is estimated at approximately $3,000 dollars.
Most of the figures have been based on attendance of 300, but the board decided to cut back that number to 250 for planning purposes, especially budgeting.

New Business
Western Roundup Conference – Code of Conduct
A potential attendee contacted Ms. Tucker to request that the conference include a Code of Conduct. The requestor’s employer will not fund her attendance unless there is a code of conduct.
Ms. Legg will adjust the SAA Code of Conduct to fit SRMA’s needs.

Colleague Connection
Ms. Tucker has been the contact for SRMA to Colleague Connection. The date and speaker are set, and the topic will relate to the ethics of 3D printers.

Next Board Meeting
The board will meet again prior to the Western Roundup, as we anticipate the need of additional assistance and decision making. The tentative timing will be mid-April. Ms. Boyd will send out a Doodle poll to come up with a date and time.

Meeting adjourned at 2:15 pm
Ms. Boyd motioned to adjourn the meeting, Ms. Tucker seconded; approved

Respectfully submitted,
Holly E. Geist