2015 July Board Minutes

Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists Board Meeting
Tuesday, July 22, 2015; Scheduled for 10:00-11:00 am
Conference Call/Philip S. Miller Library, Castle Rock, Colorado

Meeting called to order at 10:00 am

Present: Shaun Boyd, President; Holly Geist, Secretary
Present via conference call: Jenna Edwards, Treasurer; Steve Fisher, Preservation Member-at-Large; Kate Legg, Program Director; Jamie Seemiller, Archivist; Maria Tucker, Past President; Alaina Wallace, Vice President
Absent: Caroline Blackburn, Electronic Resources Coordinator; Max Miller, Newsletter Editor; Adam Speirs, Member-at-Large; Katie Yockey, Membership Coordinator

Ms. Tucker motioned to accept the May 29, 2015 board meeting minutes; Mr. Fisher seconded; approved unanimously

Society of American Archivists (SAA) Annual Meeting Scholarship
This year, nobody applied for the annual meeting scholarship. Ms. Tucker asked the board about extending the deadline and continuing to try to give out the scholarship. The board agreed, especially because we will not meet the early bird deadlines, that it was not worth pursuing it further.
The board then discussed that we voted in the past to send the president each year to represent SRMA at the national meeting. Ms. Boyd is unable to go this year due to work commitments, so the board discussed having Ms. Tucker represent us, as she was not able to go last year. Her organization will pay for a few things, and SAA deferred the registration scholarship she received last year, so SRMA would only pay for part of the trip.
Ms. Boyd motioned to pay for Maria’s hotel and other expenses as SRMA’s representative at SAA; Ms. Legg seconded; no discussion; approved

Fall Conference 2015
The next meeting will be in Estes Park on October 2, 2015 at the Estes Park Museum. Ms. Legg has already worked to get the museum the deposit and half of the rental fee; the other half of the rental fee is due two weeks before the event. The museum will refund the deposit after an inspection following the meeting.
The program does not have a title yet, but the topic is relates to digital issues. Initially, the program folks did not get responses for their call for speakers, but now six people are going to present. The presenters will provide titles and anticipated session lengths for planning purposes by the end of July, so the program can be ready and advertised in August.
One of the components of the conference will be an SAA On-Demand workshop titled “Thinking Digital.” If any attendee would like to use this for the Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) certification, he or she will only have to pay SAA to take the test. Ms. Seemiller was concerned about this session, because when she took it a few years ago it was a very basic session. SAA assured Ms. Legg that this session had recently been revamped, thus they anticipate it is better. However, Ms. Legg or Mr. Speirs will investigate further to ensure this session is not so basic as to be useless or boring.
Mr. Speirs spoke with a SRMA member who works in Estes, and there will be a facility tour at Rocky Mountain National Park Museum as part of the fall conference.
Some things have changed since Ms. Legg last did programming for SRMA, so she asked how registration is now working. The board thinks most of it is currently running through PayPal and the website. Ms. Legg also asked about logistics of paying for the conference. Ms. Edwards said she could take care of most of the payments. Ms. Geist mentioned that in the past the Program Director had a SRMA credit card to pay for most program needs, excluding those things that require check. Ms. Edward noticed there was a third person with a SRMA credit card, so she will investigate who that is; the board suspects it is Sarah Szakaly, the most recent past Program Director.
Ms. Seemiller suggested including a session or get-together at the upcoming conference for roundtables, in her case Chicano acquisitions, since a few different institutions in the area are trying to collect and want to be collaborative rather than competitive. The program was initially going to have a roundtable session, but that may no longer be possible with the additional speakers. Ms. Legg and Mr. Speirs will work on the roundtable logistics, so Ms. Legg requested other ideas for possible roundtables. The board offered a few suggestions: Archives Space, CONTENTdm, and certifications (Certified Archivist and DAS).

Membership Chair
After several years in the position, Ms. Yockey resigned as Membership Chair. Ms. Boyd will communicate to the SRMA membership that we need a replacement.

Mailing List/Facebook
Ms. Wallace found out that SRMA has more members on Facebook than the SRMA listserv, so there was talk of using it for recruiting or for more communication of our activities.

Treasurer’s Report
Ms. Edward informed the board that we have $21,253.15 in checking and $10,138.41 in savings. Ms. Gurney finished paying out on the Western Roundup before the transition.
The UberConference service for conference calling was the only expense this month.

New Business

SRMA Archives
Ms. Seemiller is working on the records in the SRMA Dropbox account and getting them into the new records system.

Preservation Kits
Mr. Fisher asked about the kits and the board suggested advertising them on Facebook and the listserv.

Meeting adjourned at 10:40 am
Ms. Tucker motioned to adjourn the meeting, Mr. Fisher seconded; approved

Respectfully submitted,
Holly E. Geist