2015 March Board Minutes

Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists Board Meeting
Tuesday, March 25, 2015; Scheduled for 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Conference Call Meeting

Meeting called to order at 11:07 am

Present: Shaun Boyd, Vice President; Holly Geist, Secretary; Melissa Gurney, Treasurer; Tim Hawkins, Past President; Kate Legg, Member-at-large; Patty Rettig, Local Arrangements Committee Chair; Jamie Seemiller, Archivist; Sara Szakaly, Program Director; Maria Tucker, President; Katie Yockey, Membership Coordinator
Absent: Caroline Blackburn, Electronic Resources Coordinator; Max Miller, Newsletter Editor; Lindsay Schettler, Preservation Member-at-large


Ms. Boyd motioned to accept the February 05, 2015 board meeting minutes; Ms. Szakaly seconded; approved unanimously

Western Roundup Finance/Registration Report
Ms. Gurney provided the board with a report of anticipated income and expense for the upcoming conference. At present, the conference is approximately $30,000 in the red. The board considered ways to cut back on expenses. The two likeliest options are food and audio-visual (AV) equipment and services. The costs of those two categories will go down from the current estimate (~$30,000 for food and ~$20,000 for AV) because SRMA is tax exempt (state only).
The Society of American Archivists requires a beverage service as part of workshops. SRMA will not provide bottled water for the workshops, as there will already be water available. The three other planned coffee breaks will be eliminated, which should cut back on costs by around $2,000, including the city taxes and fees associated with providing beverages.
Ms. Gurney requested that everyone provide budgeting updates as they happen so she can maintain accurate figures.
For the Thursday evening reception, Ms. Seemiller will return any unopened alcohol to the vendor for a refund.

Western Roundup Vendor/Sponsor Report
The chair of the vendor committee, Ms. Beverly Allen, was not able to attend the meeting, so Ms. Tucker provided the update. Currently eleven vendors and one non-profit vendor are signed up. One organization, Preservation Technologies, inadvertently sent a sponsorship check for $750 to the wrong archival group, but that payment is now on the way to SRMA.
Currently, the vendor space allows for twelve vendor table exhibits on each side of the foyer area, providing enough space for 24 vendors total. There are fees involved with the vendor tables, such as $50 for set-up.
During the meeting, Ms. Allen emailed that she has a few additional vendors in mind and will pursue those leads.

Western Roundup Budget/AV Costs
For the AV, Mr. Hawkins mentioned he was contacted by the vendor who typically does this for the Society of California Archivists. The board believes that only the approved vendor could serve Embassy Suites; Ms. Tucker will check to verify that is accurate. If other vendors can be used for Embassy Suites, SRMA will look into getting a quote from Mr. Hawkins’ contact.
Ms. Tucker and Ms. Boyd will work on an AV priority list for budget purposes. For example, SRMA board members could easily borrow easels from their respective institutions to avoid paying that fee, so they are low priority and SRMA will likely not rent them from the AV vendor.

Western Roundup Local Arrangements Committee
Ms. Rettig will carry on communicating with committee members.
The committee will continue promoting the Western Roundup, such as posting again to listservs; contacting students; and sending announcements to library listservs. Ms. Boyd sent out a notice to the Colorado Association of Libraries listserv during the meeting.
Ms. Gurney suggested a map for the website with locations of tours or anything that occurs outside the Embassy Suites. Ms. Yockey provided information on pinning and maps.
Thus far, none of the tours have made minimum numbers. Ms. Rettig suggested that any tours that are not meeting minimums should be cancelled at the early bird registration deadline. The board agreed this would give everyone sufficient notice.

Western Roundup Program Committee
The committee has already assigned some hotel spaces to events, such as the pre-conference workshops, but all the sessions need to be booked into appropriately sized rooms based on anticipated attendance. Ms. Boyd and Ms. Seemiller toured the hotel and took notes on rooms that would best serve for each session. Ms. Boyd will take the lead on room assignments.
The preliminary program should be updated with the new room assignments and to remove the coffee breaks the board eliminated for budget purposes.
Discussion turned to what would be given to attendees at registration. Ms. Yockey mentioned that Denver promotional groups usually provide free goodies related to the town. Another example would be bags participants could use for registration and other materials.
The committee will provide Ms. Allen with a wish list of things sponsors could provide for the conference.

Western Roundup Program Printing & Design
Mr. Miller could not attend the meeting, so Ms. Tucker updated the board on the program/schedule for the conference. Mr. Miller hopes to have the program designed by April 17. Since we do not currently know how many pages the program will be, it is hard to guess on the cost of printing. Some of the information initially considered for the program will go into separate handouts, as much of the information will not be useful to all participants or may not be finalized at the time the program will be completed.
For the 2010 Western Roundup in Seattle, they offered information on local features, events and the like. Ms. Seemiller suggested making use of www.Denver.org, which provides tourist information on Denver and a mobile application. The board may supplement with additional suggestions, such as favorite local restaurants featuring vegan menus.

Western Roundup Conference Advertising
The board already discussed ways to get the word out in hopes of drawing more registrations. There was a suggestion to remind people about registering for hotel rooms at the Embassy Suites.

Western Roundup Drawing
Ms. Allen received an offer from a vendor for a donation that could be used for a silent auction or drawing.
Ms. Tucker suggested it could be used as an incentive to get people to attend on Saturday if the drawing took place that day and was only available to those present. The committee will decide when they know more about how many donations will come in and what they are.

Western Roundup Board Member & Committees Schedule
There are a number of volunteers needed for the conference:
• Liaisons for sessions (Program Committee)
• Registration desk (includes students)
• Speaker docents
• Poster session set-up
• Getting people to Denver Public Library for the Thursday night reception
Ms. Boyd will create a GoogleDoc to sign up for these spots. Some jobs are already covered, such as the session liaisons and student volunteers for registration.

Western Roundup Registration Table
At registration SRMA will provide the program and hanging name badge to each participant. There will be some other information, such as a flyer on the Thursday night reception, available to people who want to take them.
Ms. Gurney will provide Ms. Geist with information to print out the nametags.

Western Roundup Scholarships
Mr. Hawkins received three applications not long after first advertising the scholarship. He will send out another announcement soon to see if additional people will apply.

Fall Conference 2015
Ms. Legg did extensive research into finding an economical location for a meeting in Estes Park. The best fit at the most reasonable price is the Estes Park Museum. The cost for the room, which seats 90-100 people depending on set-up, is $160. SRMA will be able to choose any caterer and can bring in food for breaks. There is a caterer located next door to the museum and they offer a ten percent discount on the room rental; Ms. Legg will look into other caterers to see if the one near the museum is the best option.
Ms. Geist motioned to spend $100 for a deposit to reserve the Estes Park Museum for October 2, 2015; Ms. Szakaly seconded; approved
Ms. Legg inquired as to who would be the person to sign on behalf of SRMA for the room contracts; Ms. Tucker or Ms. Gurney will sign.

Old Business
Colleague Connection
Ms. Tucker has been the contact for SRMA to Colleague Connection. Taking place on April 16, the topic will relate to the ethics of 3D printers.

Meeting adjourned at 12:39 pm
Ms. Tucker motioned to adjourn the meeting, Ms. Geist seconded; approved

Respectfully submitted,
Holly E. Geist