2015 November Board Minutes

Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists Board Meeting
Thursday, November 12, 2015, 2015; Scheduled for 1:00-2:00 pm
Conference Call/Philip S. Miller Library, Castle Rock, Colorado

Meeting called to order at 1:05 pm
Present: Shaun Boyd, President; Holly Geist, Secretary; Mary Elizabeth Ruwell, Membership Coordinator; Adam Speirs, Member-at-Large

Present via conference call: Jenna Edwards, Treasurer; Steve Fisher, Preservation Member-at-Large; Kate Legg, Program Director; Jamie Seemiller, Archivist; Alaina Wallace, Vice President

Absent: Caroline Blackburn, Electronic Resources Coordinator; Max Miller, Newsletter Editor; Maria Tucker, Past President

Ms. Legg motioned to accept the July 22, 2015 board meeting minutes; Mr. Fisher seconded; approved unanimously.

Fall Conference 2015
The meeting in Estes Park on October 2, 2015 at the Estes Park Museum was a success. 72 people registered, which is a large number for a meeting outside metro Denver. 21 registrants signed up to do the follow-up Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) test through SAA as a result of the webinar training, “Thinking Digital.” 25 people attended the tour of the Rocky Mountain National Park Museum Storage Facility following the meeting. SRMA took in about $2,675, resulting in a profit of $1,429.
Ms. Legg shared the results of the meeting survey, which were positive overall.

Treasurer’s Report
As of November 1, SRMA had $22,712.93 in checking and a little over $10,000 in savings. The Estes Park Museum refunded the $100 deposit after the meeting, but that amount is not yet deposited.
UberConference, the telephone conference service, is the only monthly expense.

DAS Workshops
At the Fall Conference, Mr. Speirs polled the board members in attendance about the possibility of starting to bring on-site classes to the area and paying for webinars as a service to SRMA members. The board members agreed that we would be interested, so he did some research into the cost and logistics for this meeting.
Consensus from those who are already working on DAS certification is that on-site classes provide superior training to webinars, but the webinars are easier and less expensive to individuals. Mr. Speirs is in discussions with SAA about the possibility of SRMA paying to host webinars and then allowing SRMA members to attend the webinar virtually through a secured online broadcast; nothing has been decided yet on that front.
The board looked at the various figures provided via handout by Mr. Speirs (see Exhibit A). The board discussed at length permutations of on-site and webinar options, scholarships, and subsidies. At this time, a decision on what to do was not made on specifics, but the board did decide to pursue the matter further, including some sort of poll of the membership to look into interest in DAS certification, scholarship needs, format preferences, etc.
Ms. Legg motioned for the board to allow up to $2,000 to investigate and complete the process of providing DAS classes and webinars to SRMA members, with Adam Speirs taking lead; Ms. Boyd seconded; no discussion; approved

Spring Meeting 2016
The programmers are still at a high level concept for the upcoming meetings: acquisitions, likely including donor relations and appraisal. Ms. Geist saw a presentation at Western Roundup on unusual collections, and thought one of the panelists –Sue Hodson of the Huntington Library– might make an interesting speaker on donor relations, as she
alluded to a particularly interesting donor.
The round-table style discussions at the meeting in Estes Park were well received, so that will likely become a component next time as well.
Ms. Wallace had offered up the Denver Botanic Gardens (DBG) as a possible location, but they are already booked up for spring of 2016. Ms. Legg asked for recommendations for other places in metro Denver.
Mr. Fisher will look into the Cable Center at the University of Denver. A few suggestions on the outskirts of the metro included the National Archives in Broomfield or NCAR in Boulder.

A SRMA member, Craig Haggit, has started an informal gathering event in Denver. A few board members attended and had a good time. Another topic based gathering might also be in the works.

Membership and SRMA Yahoo List

Ms. Ruwell is working on a new membership directory, and hopes to have it available in January.
Someone recently asked about the email list regarding the ability of anyone to read the content, but only SRMA members can post. The board considers it a benefit of membership and that Facebook is the better marketing tool, so Ms. Boyd will lock down the list to allow it to only be searchable and viewable for members.

Colleague Connection

Every year SRMA participates in Colleague Connection. This year, the meeting taking place in April will cost $45, which includes dinner, and the topic will be freedom of information.

New Business

Next Board Meeting
Ms. Boyd will poll the Board for a January meeting. The location will likely be at DBG.

Meeting adjourned at 1:50 pm
Ms. Boyd motioned to adjourn the meeting, Mr. Speirs seconded; approved

Respectfully submitted,
Holly E. Geist

Exhibit A
Requirements for DAS Certification
• Foundational (need 4) – 5 webinars available1 (+new Fundamentals of Web Archiving)
• Tactical & Strategic (need 3) – 2 webinars available2
• Tools & Services (need 1) – 2 webinars available3
• Transformational (need 1) – 1 webinar available’1
• Comprehensive exam
“The comprehensive exam is administered during the annual SAA meeting (August) and at various sites across the country in February and November each year.” 57 webinars + 2 face to face classes+ comprehensive exam can equal certification.6

Webinar examination costs:
$35 members (m) I $55 non-members (n-m)

Face to Face class costs:
$205 m I for 1-day courses
$319 m I $399 n-m for 2-day courses

Total cost to candidate (assuming SAA member):
$35 x 7 = $280 + $410 (1 day course x 2) + $100 (Comp Test) = $790

If taking burden of cost totally on self:
$159 x 7 = $1,113 + $410 (1 day course x 2) + $100 (Comp Test)= $1,623

Cost to SRMA would be 7 webinars if approved:
$159 x 7 = $1,113 +time involved.

Technology for livecasting webinars
http:Uwww .google.com/%2B/lea rn more/hangouts/ ona i r. htm I

1 http ://www2 .arch ivists.org/prof-ed ucati on/ d as/ a udi ence/fo u nd ati on al-courses
2 http://www2.archivists.org/prof-education/das/audience/Tactical-Strategic-courses
3 http://www2.archivists.org/prof-education/das/audience/Tools-Services-courses
4 http://www2.archivists.org/prof-education/das/audience/Transformational-courses
5 http://www2,archivists.org/prof-education/das/exams
6 http://www2.archivists.org/prof-education/das/FAQs/20