2016 June Board Minutes

Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists Board Meeting

Friday, February 26, 2016; Scheduled for 1:00-3:00 pm

Conference Call/Denver Water, Denver, Colorado

Meeting called to order at 1:02 pm

Present: Shaun Boyd, President; Holly Geist, Secretary; Jamie Seemiller, Archivist; Adam Speirs, Member-at-Large

Present via conference call: Caroline Blackburn, Electronic Resources Coordinator; Jenna Edwards, Treasurer; Steve Fisher, Preservation Member-at-Large; Mary Elizabeth Ruwell, Membership Coordinator; Jamie Seemiller, Archivist; Maria Tucker, Past President; Allaina Wallace, Vice President

Absent: Kate Legg, Program Director; Max Miller, Newsletter Editor; Maggie Williams, Outreach Coordinator


Ms. Geist motioned to accept the January 06, 2016 board meeting minutes; Mr. Speirs seconded; approved unanimously

Treasurer’s Report

SRMA has over $12,000 in checking and a little over $20,000 in savings.  These amounts reflect the payments to Society of American Archivists (SAA) for Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) webinars.

Ms. Boyd asked about payment for the Journal of Western Archives, which the board will discuss later.

Ms. Ruwell has been working on renewing memberships and recently $583 in membership dues came into the account.

DAS Workshops

The first webinar – “Overview of Metadata for Archivists” – took place on Thursday.  45 people were signed up to take the webinar, and about half signed up to take the test (at their own expense through SAA).

SAA wanted to have the second webinar occur as part of their live series, but the March 1 date was too close to the last webinar and could potentially cause logistical issues with SRMA attendance, so the recorded version will be available later, possibly the end of March.

Mr. Speirs will send out upcoming event dates on Monday.

The first on-site class will take place on May 5 at Auraria Library in Denver, as a pre-conference event for the spring meeting.  The next on-site training will happen July 18-19 at Denver Public Library.  SRMA members must register for those classes through SAA.  The other on-site classes in fall do not yet have locations.

Ms. Tucker, Mr. Speirs, and SRMA member Blake Graham worked on a Colorado Historical Records Advisory Board (CHRAB) grant in hopes of attaining money to help defray the costs of the on-site classes.  Unlike years past, CHRAB received many grant submittals and so the board quickly eliminated SRMA as an option, partially because multiple CHRAB members are also SRMA members.  However, CHRAB is looking at providing some administrative money to support the DAS workshops, such as possibly sponsoring the beverage service required by SAA.

Mr. Speirs spoke with the Wyoming State Archivist, Mike Strom, about the Wyoming State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB) sponsoring SRMA members from Wyoming, as all the events are taking place in Colorado.  SHRAB does their granting on the fiscal year, so the timing currently is off.  They will look into these grants in the new fiscal year with hopes of 2017 funding.

As the planning progresses, Mr. Speirs found that the money he originally estimated for the required beverage service for on-site classes was insufficient.  He wanted to discuss with the board getting approximately an additional $150 for the rest of the year.  Ms. Geist suggested budgeting more money to avoid having to ask the board for funds each time an issue arises.  The board discussed how much would be a good idea.

Ms. Boyd motioned to budget an additional $500 (for a total of $2500) to fund DAS workshops for 2016; Mr. Speirs seconded; no further discussion; approved

Spring Conference 2016

Ms. Legg provided information relayed by Mr. Speirs regarding the upcoming meeting.  Presenters will provide titles and session abstracts by March 11.  The catering box lunch information should also be available by that date so Mr. Speirs can create the brochure and have it available by the end of March.

Ms. Edwards inquired about the logistics of paying the main presenter, Sue Hodson, and was directed to discuss it with Ms. Legg who has the signed presenter contract with the needed details.

The board discussed meeting for a brief half hour meeting after the spring conference, so the programmers will work on including that in the schedule.

Journal of Wester Archives (JWA)

Ms. Boyd received two conflicting emails about sponsorship of the JWA.  The editor, Gordon Daines, asked for $500, but the SRMA representative, Julie Carmen, mentioned $1000 a year for three years.  Ms. Boyd will get additional information before the board addresses the funding issue.

Colleague Connection

Every year SRMA participates in Colleague Connection.  This year, the meeting will take place on April 28th and will cost approximately $45, which includes dinner.  The topic will be predatory open access publishing issues.

Regional Archival Associations Consortium (RAAC)

SAA has a committee composed of representatives from various regional archival professional organizations.  Ms. Boyd currently represents SRMA, but will be done with her two year term soon.  The board agreed that it would be a good idea for the upcoming president, Allaina Wallace, to fill the position.  This helps with having SRMA representation at the SAA annual meeting, as SRMA pays for the president to attend the conference.

Board Nominations

Ms. Tucker will send out an email soliciting volunteers to fill the open board positions: Secretary, Member-at-large, and Vice President.  Ms. Geist, as an outgoing board member, will also serve on the committee.  The two committee members will find a third person to serve from the membership.  The board discussed March 14 as the nomination deadline.

Information about the nominees must be included in the newsletter preceding the vote, so Ms. Boyd will contact Mr. Miller about deadlines and publishing issues.

New Business


The board discussed if any changes should be made this year to the Bylaws and decided that it was time to create a Bylaws Committee to review the whole of the Bylaws and address issues such as raising membership dues, an initiative that did not pass about two years ago.  Ms. Seemiller will check the archives to ensure that what is posted on the website is the correct version of the Bylaws.

Meeting adjourned at 2:10 pm

Ms. Boyd motioned to adjourn the meeting, Mr. Fischer seconded; approved

Respectfully submitted,

Holly E. Geist