2015 June Business Meeting

Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists Annual Business Meeting
Friday, June 06, 2014; Scheduled for 9:15 to 10:00 am
Denver Public Library, Denver, Colorado

Meeting begun at 9:15 am

Quorum and Handouts: Tim Hawkins
There was a quorum, which is a minimum of 20 members present. Mr. Hawkins reminded people that handouts of the minutes for the business meeting last year and the proposed changes to the dues and Bylaws were on the registration table.

Approval of Minutes: Tim Hawkins
Ms. Shannon Eagles motioned to approve the April 25, 2013 annual business meeting minutes; Ms. Shaun Boyd seconded; approved unanimously

Vote on Bylaws Change: Tim Hawkins
The president covered the dues change, a $5 increase for student and individual members, and the addition of retiree to the student level, which necessitated a Bylaws change.
Mr. Hawkins asked Ms. Holly Geist to do a count of those voting yes: she counted 57 present and 5 proxy votes in favor. 62 was not the majority of membership (131 members, making 66 the required minimum number of affirming votes). Mr. Hawkins called for no votes, and none were offered.

Treasurer’s Report: Melissa Gurney
Ms. Gurney relayed that the treasury is in good shape.

Membership Report: Katie Yockey
Ms. Yockey reports that SRMA has 131 members, including 11 students.

Election Results: Patricia Rettig
A total of 48 members voted in the election. Holly Geist was reelected as Secretary, Shaun Boyd will be the Vice President/President Elect, and Chloe Campbell will be Member-at-large.

Meeting Scholarships Awarded: Patricia Rettig
Nobody applied for the three available scholarships (meeting registration) to the Spring 2014 meeting. If anyone has ideas as to why scholarships are going unused, please pass that information along to the board.
SRMA will award a $1000 scholarship to a member to help with costs of attending the Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting. Ms. Rettig directed members to the website for details on the scholarship and application.

Call for New Business: Tim Hawkins
Mr. Hawkins opened the meeting to any new business.
Ms. Eagles (Western State Colorado University) asked the membership to identify those who do not live along the Front Range, and there were only two. She suggested keeping this in mind when considering meetings and membership issues.

Ms. Leslie Wagoner (American Heritage Center/University of Wyoming) announced that AHC will be hosting an SAA workshop on June 23rd: Preserving Digital Archives.

Meeting adjourned at 9:27 am
Mr. Kevin Clair motioned to close the business meeting; Ms. Marilyn Burns seconded; approved by the membership

Respectfully submitted,
Holly E. Geist