The Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists Scholarship Program

Click HERE for the 2017 SRMA Scholarship Application 

What scholarships are offered?

  • One scholarship for each regularly scheduled (Spring and Fall) SRMA Conference held in Colorado or Wyoming, including registration, travel, and other expenses as outlined in the Scholarship application and as deemed appropriate by the SRMA Scholarship Committee.
  • One $1,500 scholarship to the SAA Annual Meeting, to cover registration and expenses.

Who is eligible?

  • All SRMA members in good standing are eligible to apply (this includes people employed by member institutions). Members will not be eligible to receive more than one scholarship per 24 months from the conference date. Board members and members of the Selection Committee are not eligible.


  • Demonstrated need
  • Involvement in SRMA and other relevant organizations
  • Expected benefit
  • Geographic and institutional diversity

How do members apply?

  • Applicants submit a brief application that includes a statement of need, expected benefits, anticipated budget, etc. (see application form at bottom of page).

Selection Committee

The selection committee will be comprised of:

  • SRMA Past President (committee chair)
  • SRMA Treasurer
  • Recent SRMA scholarship recipient selected by other committee members

The committee is responsible for advertising each scholarship well in advance of each event. Such advertisements will include:

  • Amount of scholarship
  • Application deadline
  • How to apply
  • Recipient responsibilities


The application deadline for each scholarship is two weeks before the early-bird registration period ends. This allows the Selection Committee time to review applications and make a decision so that the applicants (win or lose) will have time to pay the lowest registration rate. If there is no early-bird period, the deadline for applications is two weeks before the registration period ends.

How will scholarships be awarded?

  • The Selection Committee will email winners with congratulations and applicants not selected with regrets soon after it makes its decisions.
  • The SRMA Treasurer will issue a check to each winner for the amount of the scholarship in advance of the conference.

Recipient responsibilities

  • Recipient will provide SRMA Treasurer with proof of registration/attendance.
  • If unable to attend the conference, recipient will notify the committee as soon as possible so the scholarship can be awarded to another member. Recipient will return all funds to the SRMA Treasurer.
  • Recipient is responsible for any cancellation fees that might be incurred.
  • Recipient may be asked to serve on the Selection Committee for a future scholarship.
  • Recipient will submit a short article (500-700 words) on a topic of his/her choosing related to the conference for publication in the SRMA newsletter immediately following attendance at the conference.


  • Funding for the scholarship program will be subject to available resources of the organization.
  • SRMA may offer scholarships for other workshops/conferences as determined by the Board.
  • Members may nominate other workshops/conferences for inclusion in the scholarship program by sending to the SRMA Selection Committee:
    • Information about the conference (what, when, where, who’s sponsoring, etc.)
    • A brief description about why it is a beneficial use of SRMA funds.
    • Nominations must be made at least 3 months in advance of the conference. (For example, nominations for a conference on June 6 must be received no later than March 6.)