Previous Educational Development and Classes

2016 Educational Development and Classes

February 25; 3PM Webinar Metadata Overview for Archivists
March 28th; 3PM Webinar Thinking Digital: A Practical Session to Help Get You Started!
April 15th; 3PM Webinar Standards for Digital Archives
May 5 Class  Digital Curation: Fundamentals for Success
June 10th; 3PM Webinar Electronic Records: The Next Step!
July 18-19 Class (2 classes / 2 days) Arrangement and Description of Electronic Records I and II
August 11th; 3PM Webinar User Experience Design and Digital Archives
September 12th; 3PM Webinar Archival Collections Management Systems
September 22nd; 9AM-5PM Class Digital Forensics for Archivists: Fundamentals (Foundational)
October 6th; 9PM-5PM Class Digital Repositories
November 7th

 Location: Denver Water, 1600 W. 12th Ave, Denver Co. 80204 

Comprehensive Exam
December 1st; 3PM Webinar Providing Access to Digital Archives