Educational Development

SRMA will be hosting several DAS Classes along the Front Range and broadcasting DAS webinars throughout 2016. You must be a SRMA member to participate. See on how to become a SRMA member.

The current schedule is as follows (and is subject to minor changes as necessary):

February 25; 3PM Webinar Metadata Overview for Archivists
March 28th; 3PM Webinar Thinking Digital: A Practical Session to Help Get You Started!
April 15th; 3PM Webinar Standards for Digital Archives
May 5 Class  Digital Curation: Fundamentals for Success
June 10th; 3PM Webinar Electronic Records: The Next Step!
July 18-19 Class (2 classes / 2 days) Arrangement and Description of Electronic Records I and II
August 11th; 3PM Webinar User Experience Design and Digital Archives
September 12th; 3PM Webinar Archival Collections Management Systems
September 22nd; 9AM-5PM Class Digital Forensics for Archivists: Fundamentals (Foundational)
October 6th; 9PM-5PM Class Digital Repositories
November 7th

 Location: Denver Water, 1600 W. 12th Ave, Denver Co. 80204 

Comprehensive Exam
December 1st; 3PM Webinar Providing Access to Digital Archives

The webinars are being purchased by SRMA for presentation to SRMA members. We will be broadcasting the webinars through a secure Google Hangout/YouTube channel, only once. You do not need to be pursuing the DAS certificate to register for and view the webinar. If you are pursuing the DAS certificate, there will be instructions for purchasing the webinar exam through SAA for DAS credit. Note that these webinars normally run $139 apiece, so this quite a deal for SRMA members to get access for free.

We are working to secure funding to defray the cost of class registration for SRMA members. Once we have secured funding the new cost breakdown will be announced. If your institution or organization has a means to achieve this end, or is interested in hosting space for classes, please contact Adam Speirs or 303-688-7733.

The cost breakdown for classes without a funding discount will be as follows:
Digital Forensics: Fundamentals / Digital Curation: Fundamentals / Digital Repositories:
SAA Member: $205 / $265
Employees of Member Institutions: $235 / $295
Nonmember: $265 / $325
Arrangement and Description of Electronic Records I and II (Two days)
SAA Member: $305 / $375
Employees of Member Institutions: $345 / $415
Nonmember: $405 / $465

The classes will be made available for registration on the SAA website (Currently Scheduled DAS Courses) once the date and location details are confirmed.

We hope this gives you enough information to work from as you plan your continuing education for 2016. We would like to continue hosting classes and webinars (and not just DAS) in 2017 and beyond, so keep please keep SRMA in mind when planning future continuing education budgets.