Contingency Planning Worksheet

Created by the participants of the CPA Disaster Workshop facilitated by Lance Peterson, State Exercise Training Officer for Utah, 6/97

Group Before (Mitigation, Preparedness) During (Response) After (Recovery)
Policy Group
Key Decision Makers
such as Directors, Board, Mayor)
  • Define Goals (Mission Statement)
  • Define Critical Functions
  • Institute Mitigation Plan
  • Designate Spokesperson (Public Information Officer)
  • Approve and Fund Plan
  • Declare disaster/Activate Plan
  • Authorize expenditures
  • Control external communications
  • End response /Demobilize
  • Authorize expenditures
  • Control external communications
  • Revise plan as needed and set new objectives
  • Ask for outside help/mutual aid & cooperation as needed
  • How far to take recovery/Write off
  • Evaluate
Coordination Group
(Assoc. Directors, Section Heads, etc.)
Write the Plan

  • Prioritize
  • Assess hazards
  • Assign roles and responsibilities
  • Identify preventive measures
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures and preventive measures
  • Train Staff
  • Perform assigned responsibilities
  • Possible evacuation
  • Assess damage
  • Coordinate with other agencies
  • Notify staff (essential & nonessential)
  • Marshal resources
  • Provide info to PIO
  • Accountable to Policy Group and Staff
  • Generate reports to Policy and Staff (insurance, accident, etc.)
  • Supervise and assign staff (train to perform objectives if needed)
  • Establish off-site operation as needed
  • Prioritize and implement business continuity tasks (restore vital services)
  • Internal communications
Staff/Operations Group
(Supervisors, Workers)
Learn and Know the Plan

  • Know individual functions
  • Exercise and drill
  • Implement Standard Operating
  • Procedures and preventive measures
  • Keep plan current: update compliance procedures and checklists
  • Generate damage reports and situation reports
  • Follow emergency procedures
  • Request aid as needed
  • Hands-on recovery/pack-out
  • On-going operations
  • Sources of specific expertise

The level of disaster will impact response. Some responsibilities and tasks may overlap. The next step in developing a plan with this worksheet is to prioritize and group like tasks with their functions.