The $103 Preservation Library

The $103 Preservation Library*

The purpose of the “$103 Preservation Library” is to provide a list offering the most basic preservation coverage at the least cost. It offers the best choices readily available at this time, in our opinion. Since there are rapid changes in both the accuracy of information and the body of literature, the list will be revised periodically.

*$103 prior to 2004. Some sources are available online or out of print.


Preservation & Conservation Administration News

New Library Scene. On Google Books


Guild of Book Workers Supply Directory.

Comprehensive Guide to Emergency and Disaster Preparedness and Recovery.
By Frances C Wilkinson, Linda K Lewis and Nancy K Dennis

Morrow, Carolyn Clark, and Carole Dyal. “Conservation Treatment Procedures: A Manual of Step-By-Step Procedures for the Maintenance and Repair of Library Materials.” 2nd ed. Littleton, CO: Libraries Unlimited, 1986. 225 p.

“If an institution can afford only one repair manual, it should purchase this one. Describes practical techniques (with illustrated instructions) for a variety of book repair procedures, pamphlet binding, paperback reinforcement, flat-paper repair, and protective enclosures. Includes helpful discussion of treatment options and offers guidance on organizing and operating a conservation unit.” -Lisa Fox Libraries Unlimited, P.O. Box 263, Littleton, CO 80160. $30.

Parisi, Paul A., and Jan Merrill-Oldham, eds. Library Binding Institute. “Standard for Library Binding.” 8th ed. Rochester, NY: Library Binding Institute, 1986. 17 p.

Specifications for various commercial bindings. Know what to expect and how to judge the quality of a binding. Library Binding Institute, 150 Allens Creek Road, Rochester, NY 14618. $5.