Records Management Basics

Archivists often become de facto records managers. Not all archivists have the background or education to tackle developing a comprehensive Records and Information Management (RIM) program, and need some assistance to get started in the process. The “Records Management Basics” brochures are intended to provide introductory information on records management, but are not by any means a comprehensive exploration or explanation of the field.


RM Brochure 1

RM Brochure 2

RM Brochure 3

RM Brochure 4

2 thoughts on “Records Management Basics

  1. I am a Lone Arranger who has mostly dealt with paper records. New realities are causing me to learn more about the basics of managing and archiving electronic records. Your 4 brochures are helpful with basic principles. Thank you.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing the Records Management Basics Series (2008). I appreciate the overview on Inventorying Records, Retention Schedules, Records Appraisal and Electronic Records Management. I am a volunteer archivist who is working using Excel. I hope to be hired in the Archives field.